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April 26 2017

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Now lean back, and spread your legs nice and wide.

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Deliciously inviting.

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April 23 2017

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April 20 2017

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April 17 2017

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April 09 2017

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Philadelphia, Pa 2016

Corwin Prescott - Vaega - Full series on Patreon

Good Kitty for Daddy..

My lovely little pet

April 08 2017

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April 05 2017

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These Are The Rules


These are the rules. 
They are simple. 
You are mine. 

Mine to dress or undress as I will. 
Mine to caress or spank, 
to photograph, expose, 
love, take, 
rough or soft
or rougher still. 
Not just for an hour or few, 
but for a night, two, the weekend. 

Every hour. 
Every minute. 
You will obey. 
You will be loved
and love me just,
as I wish. 

And when we are done, 
you will be afraid, 
less of me, than of yourself
and the desire awakened within. 

These are the rules. 

April 04 2017

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April 03 2017

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The task. As instructed. *NB

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Sweet dreams are made of this. *NB

April 01 2017

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